Our Services

With in-house estimating, engineering, and project management, each project is assured of on-time, on-budget completion to exacting quality standards.


Tank Cleaning, Exhaust Ventilation Cleaning, Marine Riding Crews, Marine & Industrial Cleaning, NACE Coating Inspection Services, Tank inspection, cleaning, preservation, and testing. 

Hull Painting and Preservation

Marine Flooring, Non-Skid Deck Applications, High and Ultra High Pressure (UHP) Water Jetting.       Sandblasting services for all types of applications, including but not limited to: decks, superstructures, fuel tanks, bilge tanks, ballast tanks, potable water tanks, and voids.


Hydraulic system repairs, with extensive capabilities in all shipboard hydraulic system testing, inspection, and repair. 


Electrical repair, troubleshooting, installation, and new system installations.

Steel Fabrication 

Structural steel fabrication and welding with Certified Welders.  Pipefitting and pipe welding, CUNI, and silver-braze weld processes, including shop target, fabrication, and hydrostatic testing.  Pipe and structural repairs with steel and aluminum.  Sheet metal fabrication and installation.

Machine Shop 

Inside machine shop services, with capacities lathe milling machines, presses, ironworks, brakes shears.     Machinery repair, and installation, including pumps, valves, strainers, coolers, winches, boat davits, cranes, anchor windlasses steering gears, elevators, motors. 

Dive Services 

Diving services include but are not limited to; inspections of the hull, shafts, propellers, propulsion systems, and underwater repairs of structural hull welds.

Engine Repairs 

Repairs and maintenance of engines and generators, cooling, exhaust systems, reduction gears, bearings, winches, windlasses, and deck equipment.

Dockside Repairs

Dockside repairs include, but are not limited to: welding, pipefitting, tank cleaning, UHP water blasting, sandblasting, painting, electrical, and various types of mechanical repairs.  

Our Working Process



Our consultations extends from our Propeller Sales Department and, Maintenance and Repair shop to Vessel Emergency Repairs or schedule Dockside availabilities.



Once the client has identified work items and time tables we provide quotes for services to meet clients needs.


Maintenance & Repair

Our welders, mechanics, electricians and machinist have extensive experience, meet the highest qualification standards by manufacturers, and class societies.



Before, During and After completion of every work item our team on Project Managers inspect all work being conducted to ensure the highest quality.

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